Wellness Justice


Community and self-care go hand in hand.

Whether you are a community leader, parent, sibling, therapist, teacher, neighbor, volunteer, intern or intersect at these, you have experienced stress. Stress can manifest as acne, eczema, rosacea, dry/itchy skin &/or "dull" looking skin. Stress creates inflammation and recovery from inflammation depletes your body of it's vital nutrients. Applying nourishing salves, serums and powders on a regular basis will aid in reducing the external and internal inflammation related to our lifestyles. 

Skincare and other healing arts (massage, chiropractic, yoga and acupuncture) are a privilege to access in the USA. Perhaps creating nourishing skincare that's available for all budgets will encourage self-care. Perhaps, being mindful of self-care can remind us to love ourselves and that self-love can be a brick in the foundation of community.

Due to our daily routines, the stress levels that many of us have may go unnoticed and thus unchecked. Taking 5 minutes to apply a favorite foot balm can turn into a 5 minute meditation, and you're enlivening your senses while softening your heels and toes!  So, perhaps your thoughts will drift to wiggling your toes in the warm sand during your train ride to work. Or, maybe you'll see yourself taking a long luxurious bath when the little one decides to wear her peas instead of eating them! 5 minutes of self-care can renew us all.

Banks of Commune provides quality skincare that gives back financially and holistically to the community it is created in. Creating community-minded, quality, health promoting skin care at a reasonable price point stimulates the local economy, generates a feeling of goodwill, as well as self-care. It is my hope that these efforts will aid in community building.


-Charlotte Banks