– Facials  & Skin Treatments –

Facial treatments are customized for your unique skin type and condition. Throughout the facial your skin is infused with the anti-inflammatory benefits of sea weeds, hibiscus, green tea or mint, depending or your skin's needs. outside in, Your balanced skin will reflect the beauty of nourishment within.


- purchasing a series -

  • purchase five (5) of the same services in advanced and receive one (1) service for free.
  • purchase ten (10) of the same service in advanced and receive two (2)  services for free.

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Herbal Clarity


75 minutes

Skin's texture is refined and congested pores are unclogged to allow the calming benefits of turmeric combined with the oxygenating benefits of thyme, balance and refresh your skin. Include thee renewing Lymphatic Facial Brushing treatment.


Green Soothie


60 minutes

Soothe and reduce the irritation of reactive skin utilizing peppermint and Moringa. These herbs aid in the repair and restoration of your skin’s protective barrier. Omega 3-rich oils aid in clearing and preventing hyperpigmentation.




60 minutes

Achieve luminescent skin that feels soft and deeply hydrated.Hyaluronic acid restores skin’s "water" content while potent antioxidants and phytonutrients renew and promote a toned smooth skin.




The Refresher


30 minutes

The benefits of a glow-inducing facial minus the steam and extractions.





up to 15 minutes

Transition into your evening ritual by cleansing the day’s makeup, grime, pollution, dead skin & stress away.  Facial muscles are massaged & thus toned. Skin is cleansed & polished.  Now you're ready for a restful night or a lively weekend #SelfieReady

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Advanced Facials

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up to 60 minutes

Smoother and clearer skin in one visit. Hyperpigmentation is dramatically reduced with a series of 6 treatments. Confidently meet summer with your restored glowing skin!


Facial Treatment


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 Lymphatic Facial Brushing


Aids sluggish in the release of toxins that would otherwise leach from the skin showing up as pimples, blackheads, dull and dry skin. Lymphatic brushing increases the body's natural immunity to keep many skin conditions at bay. 


Oxygen Infusion


A customized serum & restorative oxygen are infused together via compression to deeply hydrate and soften dry skin. This aids in the restoration of skin's elasticity while soothing inflamed skin.

Skin feels smooth to the touch, while, looking plump and hydrated. 

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