Coffee For Thought

note: this is for black people who care about black lives, the other type of black people can kick rocks all the way to the c00n train.


Starbucks stole African ancestral religion and art when they placed the deity, Yemoja, as their company icon, yet her children get arrested 2 minutes after setting foot into one of their coffee shops for a business meeting. When Starbucks arrives in or near Black areas Yemoja's children hear the death march song for their entire neighborhood. Yemoja is a protective, patient, loving, and fierce mother-warrior. Yet, Starbucks represents financial instability and violence to black people.

Welp, annnnd now, state violence against black people is what they're known for. I doubt that Starbucks is not aware of the social power that black thought has when attached to our $1 trillion dollar buying power here in the United States of America. If I have read the studies, I can assume that such a lofty company with its throngs of highly intelligent corporate employees has surely read the studies showing black American women as the worlds trend-setters. Starbucks is having a reactionary and vain moment. They are embarrassed, yes, but they are more concerned with losing market share and money in this dawning of black global power.


After all of that, Starbucks coffee tastes like charred and roasted assholes.

Just noting the ironies afoot.


Charlotte Banks